If you sell on ® , ® , or ® then you need to try Excelcommerce!

ExcelCommerce is an all-in-one ecommerce suite that combines all aspects of selling online into one user-friendly, efficient system. From managing inventory across multiple marketplaces, to having your own branded ecommerce storefront, to printing USPS ® shipping labels, we've got you covered!

Whether an order was placed on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or your own stores' website, it's automatically imported into your orders history for easy management and quick processing.

Print packing slips and create USPS shipping labels directly from your account and pay the same discounted postage rate you get from sites like Stamps.com ® and ShipStation ®.

When tracking information is added to an order (or easier yet, purchased directly from our platform) our system will automatically send tracking updates to the marketplace. And for Ebay orders, it will automatically post your custom feedback to the buyer. Here at ExcelCommerce we are all about efficiency, automation, and saving time and money.

If your company isn't printing packing slips and shipping labels on thermal paper using a Zebra ® printer that requires no ink at all, and instead spending $$$ thousands on toner, or still taping on paper labels, we can help!

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Marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, Walmart)
Easily Post Items

Save time by adding items directly from your catalog to every marketplace instead of tediously creating each listing manually.

Inventory Synchronization

Automatically maintain the same stock across your website and all marketplaces. If an item sells on your website and you no longer have stock, the item will automatically be set out of stock on the marketplaces to prevent overselling.

Order Fulfillment

Adding tracking numbers to every marketplace manually can become tedious and labor intensive. As the orders come through they are automatically entered into our order system for processing. When you create a shipping label or add a tracking number to the order it's automatically sent to the marketplace to alert your customer and maintain the fulfillment standards required by the marketplace.

Order Management

Manage all of your orders from one place. When a customer places an order on your website, mobile-site, Ebay, Amazon, or Walmart.com the order is automatically loaded into your order list for easy processing.

Order Progress

There are over 10 status updates for all standard stages of order processing including: Order Placed, Order Processing, Return Initiated, Exchange Initiated, Shipment, Address Correction Needed.

Print Invoices

Print out professional invoices for your orders to be include with your shipments.


Create USPS shipments directly from your orders pages! Or add tracking to a single order or upload multiple tracking numbers of orders shipped through external means. In either case your customers are automatically notified with tracking information by email and shipment information is automatically transmitted to the marketplace!

Order Cancellation

Cancel an order with the click of a button and send refunds all in one place.

Webstore Features
Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart allows your customers to shop on your website and checkout using a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Mobile Site

Mobile commerce has become a necessity for any eCommerce business. All products added to your catalog will also be added to a mobile optimized version of your webstore so your customers can shop from their smartphones or tablets.


If you aren't familiar with SEO then you should familiarize yourself with the concept because it's important for any eCommerce business. SEO or search engine-optimization is a set of design standards and techniques that are aimed at creating the best user experience and in turn providing your website the best exposure in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Our team will automatically submit your website to all major search engines.

Site Design

Our modern webstore design uses web 2.0 techniques based on server-side programming, javascript, CSS3, and HTML5 which provides your customers with a fast, pleasant and intuitive shopping experience.


Allow your customers to post reviews about your products to promote credibility, boost search engine rankings and boost customer confidence.

Customer Accounts

Your customers can create an account and manage it from an easy-to-use account management page. This will give them a faster checkout experience, a means of monitoring order progress, and saving their shopping carts for future checkout. It also offers them an option to subscribe to your mailing list allowing you to send them special promotional offers.

Social Media

Display links to your social media pages and allow your users to learn more about your business through sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


A custom search page will help your customers quickly find the products they want. Customers can search by keywords or more specifically item ids to lead them directly to product pages.

Payment Options

Give your buyers the option to checkout using credit card, debit card or PayPal.

International Sales

Expand your market by accepting international payments by credit card, debit card and PayPal. Add or exclude specific countries to your list of international shipping destinations.

Coupon Codes

Create custom coupon codes to promote sales or monitor advertising campaign success. Coupon can be for a percent discount, specific amount discount or free shipping. Or create a one-time use coupon code for a buyer who had a negative experience with a past order or for speical employee discounts within your company.

Message Alerts

Post a site-wide banner at the top of every page on your website to alert customers of a promotion, a holiday delay, maintenance, special closing dates, or delayed order processing due to some setback.

Terms and Conditions

Add your business terms and conditions to protect yourself from legal matters.

Store Policies

Add custom store polices so that you customers understand what to expect following a purchase.

Sale Pricing

Promote specific products with sale pricing.

Multimedia: Product Images and Videos

Add multiple images for each product and host product or tutorial videos from YouTube in your product description to increase sales.

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